Strawcat (strawcat) wrote,

Folklorama 2014: Week One

More brief reviews of the cultural pavilions this year at the festival.

Dances were graceful and paired with elegant dress and pleasing music. The food was substandard, about food court quality though not as bad as at last years Indo-Chinese pavilion. At least prices were fair. I enjoyed the cultural display here with its hands-on activities and staffed with encouraging volunteers.

Sausage and stew as good as always but colcannan a bit oniony for my tastes. Irish mist was interesting. Guiness wasn't for me. Entertainment wasn't as good this year: other than the usual dancers, there was only a traditional/rock band that played about 7 songs and was too loud for my tastes.

Nayong Philipino
Once again these professional dancers make the entertainers from most of the other pavilions look like amateurs. The food was also delicious. Still one of my favorites.

I enjoyed my sausage and my imported apple cider from Sweden but the meal options were a little pricy for the quantity of food you were getting. The staff were friendly and helpful but the entertainment was unfortunately not of a professional caliber -- at times a bit goofy and unnecessary, such as when children sang along to "Let it Go" from the movie, Frozen.

Serbian "Beograd"
The food was meaty and fairly price with many dessert options to choose from. The entertainment was alright but the MC was a bit awkward with her nagging insistence upon applause before each performance before it could be offered freely, and her apparent embarrassment over the hyperactivity and errors of the young children performers.

South Sudanese
Some truly unique dances but the sound could be ear-piercingly shrill and loud at times. The food is about what you'd expect and is fine if you like African food.

This was probably the most organized and systematized pavilion with 1000s of volunteers though the reservation process seemed overly complicated and led to some delays. It may have been more convenient actually to come without a reservation and the reserved tables were no better. You still had to crane your neck to see. The food wasn't the best I'd ever tasted of the pierogi-and-sausage variety but it was still decent enough. Performances were professional and well-executed but the band that played was kind of hokey. Also, a shot glass of wine is kind of a tease.
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