Strawcat (strawcat) wrote,

Folklorama 2014: Week Two

Once again the Notre Dame Recreational Centre proves to be a place of terrible acoustics. From the vast distance that separated me from the stage, where the sound was almost bearable, it was difficult to see the detail of what was going on, but the pan flute player left the impression that he was lip-synching. I liked at least one of the dances and the dress was varied and colorful. I only tasted one item, the thousand layer cake, which was basically just dulce de leche between many thin crisp layers of pastry, but it was good.

Alo Brazil
The food was decent here and it had the best cocktails that were fairly priced. The performances were entirely musical with some martial arts finesse thrown in. Everyone was enthusiastic and professional. It was a good show and much more bearable to listen to than last year's Brazilian pavilion with its loud and awful acoustics.

Croatian "Zagreb"
The sausage and shish kebob was good, and the dessert (custard pie) was to die for, but the cabbage rolls were sour and barely palatable. The performances were unfortunately bland and a bit sleepy, and couldn't hold my attention so I left early.

The food was okay, but most of it was not my personal taste. It was fairly priced, through. The dances, while alright, could use a little more variation. It would also be nice if they could turn down the volume. I wasn't the only person holding my ears.

 What a confusing pavilion! They have a booth to buy tickets for food and drink outside, and a few places to buy those things indoors too, only they serve slightly different things at different prices. It took me a while to figure out at the entertainment was actually hidden somewhere within the labyrinthine building and -not- the band that seemed to be setting up in the beer tent outside. When I couldn't find a seat they suggested I check out the second floor, but that section too was uncomfortably crowded and I left halfway through the entertainment. From what I could glimpse of the entertainment, it was simplistic and merely passable. I enjoyed the sausage, however, and the respectable quantity of wine was fairly priced.

 The food was alright here, but not as tasty as some of the other European pavilions. The dances were not bad in themselves, but yet another variation on the holding-hands-and-going around-in-circles-at-a-leisurely-pace theme that characterizes the folk dances of so many European nations and I suppose I was beginning to tire of that after two weeks, no offense.

 There was barely room to stand let alone sit in the hot crowded gymnasium but the food was fairly good quality and the performances were professional and varied, including one of the most impressive live martial arts demonstrations I've seen.

 The paella was to my liking even though it could have used more flavor. The performances lacked variety as it was entirely flamenco guitar/dancing but this was not an issue for me since I thought it was entirely satisfying and this made it my favorite performance of the week.
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