Strawcat (strawcat) wrote,

Folklorama 2015

Celtic-Ireland - Food was decent but slightly overpriced for what I was getting. Overall, this is similar to the Irish-Ireland pavilion but not as good and the acoustics here are even worse.

Spain - Food is still good but this year it was overcrowded and the lineup to the food stretched halfway around the room such that it blocked the stage. So when it was time for the performances to begin, they made the line bend outside and those of us in that part of the line couldn't see the performance. Disappointingly there was no live flamenco music this year but the dances were still mostly fun to watch.

Slovenia - There's always lots of nice desert selections, which brought me back again but this time I stayed for the show. I expected more sleepy dance numbers but was pleasantly surprised by the live band and things really perks up when they brought out a fully costumed trickster which I cannot even begin to describe.

United Kingdom - I tried a generously-portioned date square and that was more than enough to eat. The performances are very professional with an agenda that seems to be organized to the second so that the show flows seamlessly. The live band(s) are also great.

Israel - The food was fine but had miserly portion sizes for the price. The performance was a one-act show featuring a professional folk dance group paired with skilled musicians and vocalists. Very entertaining but also loud. Bring ear protection.

Indo-Caribbean - Set your expectations to Indian rather than Caribbean. Some dancers were graceful and entertaining enough to watch but overall fairly noisy and the gym acoustics did not help. I didn't like the food. My chicken rotti was somehow spicy and bland at the same time and you had to be a forensic scientist to find the chicken.

Casa do Minho Portuguese - Same small location as Spain, so once again, standing room only. But unlike Spain, the organizers made no attempt to heed occupancy limits and seemed to take a perverse pride in that the venue was so ludicrously packed because of this. The performers wore dour expressions and looked like they were bored and didn't want to be there. I even pitied the children. Their performances were just as listless. My soup tasted peculiar and had a queasy hue but I ate it anyway because it had kale and that makes it healthy, right?

Afro-Caribbean - You may now safely set your expectations to Caribbean. The gym was so loud, even with ear protection, that I took leave of the performances for a while to clear my head. The song , particularly when compared to the otand dance, as I recall, was nothing too special but the limbo dancer/fire eater was an impressive and memorable bit. They even had the mayor up there limboing. A nice touch was there steel drums you could play in the cultural display area. I thought the jerk chicken was rather tasty.

Serbian Kolo - I didn't stay for the performances. I got to try lots of food but it was rather bland for the most parther Serbian pavilion.

Punjab - Colorful dress and lively performances, some of which are unique to this pavilion as opposed to other Indian pavilions. I especially liked the fashion show. I didn't try the food.
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