Strawcat (strawcat) wrote,

Who likes House?

Every time I watch "House" (which is not very often), it feels like the episode I'm watching is one that I've already seen before, when actually it isn't. That's because the plot is essentially the same, and all they do is replace the patients and their 'mystery disease' with new ones. Basically House and his colleagues are stumped about the patient so everyone gets a bit frustrated and they tease and make fun of each for a while. But House always has the advantage because of his unique hobby of playing mind games with everyone. So, he'll mess with his colleagues' minds until they get fed up, and then do the same thing with his patients. At some point someone realizes that, "oh yeah, we're employed as *doctors* so maybe we should return to the task of figuring out what the mystery disease is". Numerous hypotheses are proposed, and debated, because House always disagrees with his colleagues as to which one is correct. There's only one way to find out though, and upon testing the patient, it turns out that no one was correct. It’s back to the drawing board. Everyone is stumped. Frustration ensues. Rinse and repeat the cycle a few times. Only now the stakes are higher because the patient's condition has worsened! It therefore becomes paramount that the hypotheses are good ones. Bets are made, temporary alliances and schisms are formed, and deceptive and possibly unethical strategies are employed to try to get at the truth. One would think that as the patient's condition worsens and House's fallibility is demonstrated again and again, he would be more cautious in his approach, but actually he just gets more arrogant about having the correct idea and will employ riskier procedures to prove it. By the end, he's *so* sure that he's right that he makes a life or death decision, and lucky for him, he's finally made the right choice. House gets to keep his job and his colleagues grumble amongst themselves and the episode conveniently ends before the patient is presented with a $300,000 medical bill from countless inappropriate tests, procedures and treatments.
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