Strawcat (strawcat) wrote,

LJ Strike planned

Just as a semi-addendum to my last entry, it looks like because of some of the recent unsettling changes there's a 24-hour LJ "strike" being planned for Friday, March 21st. I have mixed feelings about this. It also evokes many questions. Hasn't the new administration already demonstrated that they don't care much about what we think about their policies by implementing them in secret and ignoring user and adviser feedback? If their revenue is already spoken for, is one day of inactivity enough incentive to even get their attention? Would a longer strike period be more likely to be make a difference? Although there are casual users like me who probably become a participant by 'deault', are the majority of users even capable of not posting or commenting for more than a day? :P What do you think about all this? Do you support the cause? Will you participate?

Just in anyone still isn't sure what this is about (because I got flak for assuming most people were aware of the contents of the URL I linked last time), here are the main reasons for the strike:

* It's about free and ad-free LiveJournal accounts being abolished for new members, ignoring the advice from the newly-formed Advisory Board.
* It's about LJ staff trying to sneak this decision in under the radar, and when people found out, telling the users it was done 'to make the signup process less confusing'.
* It's about LJ staff failing to apologize for trying to hide the facts from view and for lying about the actual reasons for their actions.
* And finally, it's about the latest decision to hide certain user interests from the list of Most Popular Interests, some of them being fanfiction, bisexuality, sex and depression. This decision was not announced or explained in any way. Users found out for themselves.

Plus, some even MORE background in case you're still scratching your head ;)
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