Strawcat (strawcat) wrote,

Quick opinion on Prop 8

The whole situation is pretty sad. I don't think voters realize the full significance of what they've done. Especially in those places where people fought to have rights recognized that govern the way they live fundamental aspects of their private and personal lives, and succeeded in the highest courts, only to be forced to go back to square one by those who aren't even personally affected by the outcome. Go ahead and do this with matters of taxation and government spending, but it is an atrocity even for the matter of gay marriage to be reversible to the extent of potentially flip-flopping indefinitely.

Imagine what it would be like if after the courts first decided that women had the right to vote in federal elections, the outcome of a referendum reversed the ruling shortly before the next election. It seems to transform the optimism of civic progress into an apathetic uncertainty of how long the incremental achievement of the minority by patient self-advocacy will last before it will once against be undermined by propaganda pitched at a susceptible majority, as swiftly as marking an x on a slip of paper. My heart goes out to the thousands gays, already married or planning to be, who are forced on this long-overextended roller coaster ride of hope and fear orchestrated by the tyranny of the majority.
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