Strawcat (strawcat) wrote,

Folklorama 2013

Some brief notes to myself about my experiences at the cultural pavilions so I remember for next time.

African Pavilion - Performances were entertaining -- food was okay.

Caribbean Pavilion - Great Performances -- booze was bad/overpriced -- didn't try the food.

Cuba Va - Bad acoustics (Notre Dam Rec Centre), poor performances and bland, overpriced food. Avoid!

Greek - Claustrophobic location, boring performances -- food was okay but they were out of the good stuff.

Indigenous Mardi Gras - Good food, unique/interesting performances. Recommended.

Portugal - Noisy, unpleasant performances, food was passable -- some things served cold.

Russian - Good food. Performances were alright.

Scotland - Good cultural display, performances mixed but poor acoustics (Glenlawn CC), food is alright.

Slovenija - Didn't see performances, food is good but can be a bit pricy.

Belgian - Fun atmosphere, good music, good foods and drinks -- decently priced. Recommended.

Brazilian - Food is decent, including cheap drinks, but it is too noisy in the curling club.

Indochina-Chinese - Awful food, performances are hit and miss.

Irish-Ireland - Food is surprisingly good, performances are decent. Positive atmosphere. Recommended.

Japanese - Food was poor by restaurant standards. Performances were somewhat laughable. Avoid.

Philippine Nayong Pilipino - Best dance performances. Good food. Recommended.

Romanian Pavilion - Food was alright, but performances didn't resonate with me.

Warsaw Poland - Some good performances, but acoustics not ideal (Glenlawn CC). Food was alright.
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